WQ: Wounded Honour

Basic Information

Quest Name Wounded Honour
Quest Name (JP) 傷ついた名誉
Area Volden Mines
Recommended Level Level 34
Quest Conditions Volden Mines Area Rank 8
Quest Rewards
- 1,120 XP
- 930 G
- 140 R
- 450 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 1 x Twin Cross Vest - ツインクロスベスト
- 3 x Enhanced Lockpick - 箱開け金具
- 3 x Throwing Knife - 投げナイフ

Request Text

Returned to the mines to find the Commander of the White Knights, Gerd, at Kinoza. Is he on some kind of mission here? His face is as grim as always, it is hard to tell whether if he is here on duty or for the mineral springs.

Quest Objectives

  1. Look for the White Knights trapped in the Bandit Hideout - 盗賊の隠れ家
  2. Defeat the formidable enemy encountered
  3. Speak to the White Knight
  4. Report back to Gerd

Quest Flow

You can pick up this quest by talking to Gerd - ゲルト, who can be found in Kinoza - キノザ at X 376, Y 404.


Gerd will tell you that there was a request for the White Knights to get rid of bandits in the area. However, unfortunately the bandits have managed to take his men hostage, demanding for gold and supplies. Gerd says that the Knights will not negotiate with bandits and requests your aid in the matter. The quest will update accordingly: go to the Bandit Hideout, which is in the western area of Volden Mines.


Enter and make your way within the hideout. Talk to the White Knight - 白衛騎士団員 at X 55, Y 63. Then seek out the bandits near X 61, Y 42 as per the Knight’s information. You will encounter some Level 34 Rogue enemies there. Once they have been taken care of, return and speak to the White Knight. Then report back to Gerd in Kinoza and the quest will be marked as completed.

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