WQ: The Remains of Splendour (II)

Basic Information

Quest Name The Remains of Splendour (II)
Quest Name (JP) 壮麗なる残滓
Area Deenan Woods
Recommended Level Level 41
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 1,620 XP
- 1,350 G
- 210 R
- 750 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 3 x Cerussite - 白鉛鉱
- 1 x Conqueror's Talisman - 戦神のタリスマン
- 2 x Five-Herb Salad - 5種のハーブサラダ

Request Text

Oh, it's that mage Christoph. He certainly gets to places, doesn't he? He isn't a bad man, just too keen on his research. Well, since I'm already here, why don't I help him out if I have the time?

Quest Objectives

  1. Collect 5 elven relics in Erte Deenan
  2. Report back to Christoph

Quest Flow

Note: you will need a full party of four in order to enter Erte Deenan.


You can activate this quest by speaking to Christoph, who can be found standing outside the gates of Erte Deenan - エルテ・ディナン - at X 314, Y 520.

Like in the previous occasions you’ve met him, Christoph will tell you that he wishes to obtain some relics. This time he will ask that you collect five elven relics in the ruins of Erte Deenan for him, and he will reward you if you are successful.


Now enter Erte Deenan. The five relics are scattered all over the ruins; refer to your mini-map for their locations. Once you have obtained all the relics, report back to Christoph and the quest will be marked as completed.

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