WQ: The Keeper of the Woods

Basic Information

Quest Name The Keeper of the Woods
Quest Name (JP) 深き森の番人
Area Deenan Woods
Recommended Level Level 45
Quest Conditions Deenan Woods Area Rank 9
Quest Rewards
- 2,070 XP
- 1,410 G
- 230 R
- 930 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 2 x Red Alloy Ingot - 紅合金のインゴット
- 1 x Harvest Salad - ハーヴェストサラダ
- 3 x Throwblast - 手投げ爆弾

Request Text

Here at last…. Only the most respected of hunters are capable of defeating this formidable creature. There is no other opportunity. Come, everyone!

Quest Objectives

  1. Defeat the enemy encountered

Quest Flow

Note: you will need a full party of four in order to enter Erte Deenan.


This quest will automatically activate when you come across the Level 45 Golem deep in the section of Le Karvas Arma - レ・カルバス・アーマ which is located in Erte Deenan - エルテ・ディナン - (X 314, Y 520). The entrance to Le Karvas Arma is in a northern chamber at X 100, Y 14.


The creature can be found in X 16, Y -121 in Le Karvas Arma. Kill it and the quest will be marked as completed.

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