WQ: The Forgotten Evil Image

Basic Information

Quest Name The Forgotten Evil Image
Quest Name (JP) 忘れられた魔像
Area Hidell Plains
Recommended Level Level 57
Quest Conditions Hidell Plains Area Rank 13
Quest Rewards
- 2,965 XP
- 1,880 G
- 235 R
- 1,340 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 3 x Sinister Carrion - 不吉な死肉
- 3 x Healing Remedy - 癒しの特撰薬
- 3 x Strong Gala Extract - 濃厚ガラエキス

Request Text

So you say you're not going to ignore this? That house has been abandoned and likely attracts and is full of ghosts. The crumbling place should be regularly patrolled - wait, what is it now? Now that's something… Anyone up to get rid of that?

Quest Objectives

  1. Defeat the enemy encountered

Quest Flow


This quest will automatically activate when you come across a Level 57 Infected Gorecyclops in the Blocked Passage - 開かずの路. After some time, Level 57 Goblin Bombers will also appear. Defeat all the creatures and the quest will be marked as completed.

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