WQ: The Evil That Draws Near (III)

Basic Information

Quest Name The Evil That Draws Near (III)
Quest Name (JP) 忍び寄る悪意
Area Eastern Zandora
Recommended Level Level 57
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 2,630 XP
- 1,880 G
- 300 R
- 1,350 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 1 x Phantom Metal - ファントムメタル
- 1 x Ambrosial Beast-Steak - 幻のケモノ生肉
- 1 x Griffin Beak - グリフィンのクチバシ

Request Text

I saw a man who seemed greatly upset, likely over a grave matter. He was near the village; should have called out to him. Why don't you see to him then? - A villager

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate the enemy at the location
  2. Defeat the enemy near the village
  3. Report back to the Man

Quest Flow

You can activate this quest by speaking to the Man - 男 standing near Zoma at X 368, Y 155. He will ask that you investigate his fears that demons are approaching near the village.

Head to the marked location at X 349, Y 146, which is not far off from the village. You will come across the enemy the Man spoke of - a Level 57 Griffin. Defeat the creature, then report back to the Man of your findings. The quest will then be marked as completed.

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