WQ: The Evil Lurking in the Tombs (II)

Basic Information

Quest Name The Evil Lurking in the Tombs (II)
Quest Name (JP) 霊廟に巣くう災
Area Hidell Plains
Recommended Level Level 34
Quest Conditions Hidell Plains Area Rank 9
Quest Rewards
- 1,900 XP
- 1,120 G
- 250 R
- 440 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 1 x Crest of Burning Ward - 防延焼のクレスト
- 2 x Superior Healing Elixir - 癒しの妙薬・上
- 2 x Conqueror's Amulet - 戦神のアミュレット

Request Text

I heard this from some travelling peddlers. It seems that the Knights have a great interest in something. Perhaps one should go investigate the place that is causing this uproar. The Knights seem to be well-informed, I think. Are they in competition with the Arisen? - Christoph

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to the depths of the Hidell Catacombs
  2. Defeat the enemy encountered
  3. Report back to Christoph

Quest Flow


Talk to Christoph who can be found at X 207, Y 257 to activate this quest.


He will ask you to go into the Hidell Catacombs Inner Sanctum - ハイデル地下霊廟 深部 and eliminate the threat found within.

The quest objective will update when you encounter a Level 34 Chimera. Kill the creature and then report back to Christoph. The quest will be marked as completed.

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