WQ: The Curious Gourmand

Basic Information

Quest Name The Curious Gourmand
Quest Name (JP) 美食家の探究心
Area Dowe Valley
Recommended Level Level 28
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 920 XP
- 960 G
- 120 R
- 330 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 3 x Iron Thread - 鉄合糸
- 2 x Conqueror's Amulet - 戦神のアミュレット
- 2 x Enhanced Pickaxe - 強化ピッケル

Request Text

At my destination I met a familiar face of someone I came across just half a month ago, a man who bought plenty of vegetables and meat from a peddler. For a gourmand to go to such a dangerous place just for the sake of food is foolishness, but also somewhat admirable.

Quest Objectives

  1. Obtain and give 8 Coconut-Scented Milkcaps - ヤミイロタケ to August - オーギュスト

Quest Flow


Talk to August - オーギュスト, who can be found in one of the houses in Jingen. He will ask that you provide him with 8 Coconut-Scented Milkcaps - ヤミイロタケ.


Once you have obtained the items, make sure you have them in your backpack and give them to him. The quest will then be marked as completed.

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