WQ: The Barren Black Wings (III)

Basic Information

Quest Name The Barren Black Wings (III)
Quest Name (JP) 不毛なる黒翼
Area Eastern Zandora
Recommended Level Level 57
Quest Conditions Eastern Zandora Area Rank 3
Quest Rewards
- 2,630 XP
- 1,880 G
- 300 R
- 1,350 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 1 x Magick Gold Ingot - 魔金のインゴット
- 1 x Moist Black Leather - 黒鷲の濡れ皮
- 2 x Glossy Black Feather - 濡れ黒羽根

Request Text

I am raising a little chick at home, and it is growing larger and larger each day. I said to Grandmother, I think I saw the chick's mother. But the mother was black, not like the chick, and the mother looks frightening….

Quest Objectives

  1. Seek out the enemy in the marked location
  2. Defeat the encountered enemy
  3. Report back to Sonya

Quest Flow

You can activate this quest by speaking to Sonya - ソーニャ, who can be found in the inn at Zoma.


She will request you that you take care of a strange beast nearby.Go to the location she spoke of at X 392, Y 147 and you will come across a Level 57 Black Griffin.

Kill the beast and then report back to Sonya, who will thank you before the quest is marked as completed.

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