WQ: Sky-Concealing Wings

Basic Information

Quest Name Sky-Concealing Wings
Quest Name (JP) 天を覆う翼
Area Hidell Plains
Recommended Level Level 14
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 800 XP
- 460 G
- 90 R
- 80 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 1 x Wizard's Ring - 魔道士のリング
- 1 x Sphinx Hair - スフィンクスの髪
- 2 x Herb Salad ハーブサラダ

Request Text

My fiancée had disappeared for about half a year. My heart has yet to heal, for the plains are full of memories. I visited the place yesterday. Suddenly I heard a voice cry from the other side of the hill… I do not know if it was the cry of a beast, or…. No, 'twas only my own delusion. - Alfred

Quest Objectives

  1. Defeat the encountered enemy

Quest Flow


This quest will automatically activate when you encounter the Level 14 Young Sphinx roaming the Hidell Plains, near the coordinates X 240, Y 311.

Once you killed the Sphinx, the quest will be marked as completed.

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