WQ: Seeking Elfin Extract

Basic Information

Quest Name Seeking Elfin Extract
Quest Name (JP) エルフィン・エクストラクトを求めて
Area Mysree Grove
Recommended Level Level 60
Quest Conditions - Level 55
- Completed Main Quest: Be Forevermore, White Dragon - 白竜よ永遠なれ
Quest Rewards
- 5,940 XP
- 2,570 G
- 1,050 R
- 1,590 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 2 x Elfin Extract - エルフィン・エクストラクト
- 1 x Azure Dragonscale - 瑠璃色の竜鱗
- 1 x Amber Dragonscale - 琥珀色の竜鱗

Request Text

It seems that the game deep within the forests of Mysree have reduced drastically in number, apparently to a dangerous dragon. Rumours say the dragon has chosen the ruins for its lair. If this goes on our lives as hunters would be affected. Shouldn't we do something?

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate the Dark Green Terrace for clues
  2. Defeat the encountered enemy
  3. Report back to Ivan
  4. Investigate the source of the disturbance
  5. Defeat the encountered enemy
  6. Report back to Ivan

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, speak to Ivan - イヴァン, who can be found in his hunting lodge at Mysree Grove. Ivan will speak of rumours of some strange evil and requests that you look into the matter. Now head for the Dark Green Terrace - 深緑のテラス at X 226, Y 479.

Enter the elven ruins and soon you will have to fight a Level 60 Frost Wyrm and some Level 60 Skull Lords. Kill them all and then report back to Ivan. After listening to your findings, Ivan urges you to investigate further. Now go to Erte Deenan in Deenan Woods, and head to Le Karvas Salto - レ・カルバス・サルトー within.

You will find a Level 60 Drake and several Level 60 Ghost Mails. You will have to defeat them all. Once you have done so, report back to Ivan who will thank you for your efforts before the quest is marked as completed.

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