WQ: Lise's Lost Property

Basic Information

Quest Name Lise’s Lost Property
Quest Name (JP) リズの落し物
Area Betland Plains
Recommended Level Level 42
Quest Conditions Betland Plains Area Rank 7
Quest Rewards
- 1,150 XP
- 1,380 G
- 180 R
- 750 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 5 x King Bay Leaf - キングローリエ
- 3 x Superior Quality Gala Extract - 高級ガラエキス・上
- 3 x Throwing Knife - 投げナイフ

Request Text

I saw that pretty girl in Betland… she seemed to have lost something important and was upset. For some reason I was overwhelmed and I lost my chance to say something. I hope she finds whatever it was that she lost.

Quest Objectives

  1. Find the lost item at the Foul Water Channel - 不浄の地下水道
  2. Report back to Lise

Quest Flow


You can activate this quest by talking to Lise - リズ at Gritten Fort. She will ask you to help her retrieve her lost property.

Now head for the Temple of Purification at X 266, Y 201.


Enter and make your way to the Foul Water Channel - 不浄の地下水道 within the temple at X 59, Y 124.


The item you are looking for will be somewhere in the channel. Once you have retrieved it, report back to her and the quest will be marked as completed.

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