WQ: High Difficulty: The Demon's Nest

Basic Information

Quest Name High Difficulty: The Demon's Nest
Quest Name (JP) 【高難度】魔巣の洞窟
Area Bloodbane Isle
Recommended Level Level 60
Quest Conditions Bloodbane Isle Area Rank 2
Quest Rewards
- 9,079 XP
- 1,980 G
- 250 R
- 500 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 2 x Saltpetre Chunk - 硝石の塊
- 7 x Quality Gala Mushroom - 上質ガラキノコ
- 3 x Superior Strong Gala Extract - 濃厚ガラエキス・上

Request Text

Ouch! How silly of me to have made a clumsy trip. What were those demons doing there… oh, when did you get here? Well, I saw it for myself. The demons were hiding in their den with all their spoils. The cheek! - Bertrand

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate the location
  2. Defeat the encountered enemy
  3. Investigate further within
  4. Defeat the encountered enemy
  5. Report back to Bertrand

Quest Flow


You can pick up this quest by from Bertrand - ベルトラン at the Reconnaissance Expedition Garrison. Bertrand will request that you hunt down some annoying demons that have been a thorn in the Expedition's side.


Head over to the Predators Lowlands - 捕食者たちの低地 near X 45, Y 106. You will come across a group of Level 60 Ogres, Level 60 Bolt Skeletons and Level 60 Acid Blobs. Kill them all and then proceed to the next location, which is the demons' hideout. Head over to the Cesspool of Filth - 不浄の掃き溜め. Deep within the dungeon you will have to finish off three groups of enemies.


The first is a pack of Level 60 Bolt Grimwargs and a bask of Level 60 Blue Newts and Level 60 Large Newts.


The second is some Level 60 Bolt Skeleton Brutes, Level 60 Infected Snow Harpies and Level 60 Infected Hobgoblins.


The final group is a Level 60 Infected Gorecyclops, Level 60 Hobgoblin Leaders and Level 60 Infected Snow Harpies.

Once you have taken care of all of them, report back to Bertrand and the quest will be marked as completed.

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