World Quests 「ワールドクエスト」



World Quests (WQ) are special quests unique to each area in Lestania. They can be obtained from the local NPCs or by coming across a particular enemy in the area, or accessed through Lestania News.

To access higher level World Quests, level up as well as increase your local Area Rank. To see what World Quests are available in the area, check with the local Area Master.

World Quests will be marked as blue quests in the player's quest log. They change each week after the regularly weekly maintenance on Thursday; if you fail to complete any World Quests in your quest log within the week, it will expire and disappear from your quest log.

World Quests can also be repeated. Some World Quests will offer bonus rewards when you repeat them.


Some World Quests will have special party bonuses for the day; these quests will be listed in Lestania News. A party of minimum two players that completes these World Quests will receive bonus rewards.

Note that even though some World Quests have the same name, the enemies encountered can be different as they are determined by the level of the quests.

List of World Quests by Areas

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