WQ: Door of Treasures: Bloodlust 【財宝の扉】湿った殺気

Basic Information

Quest Name Door of Treasures: Bloodlust
Quest Name (JP) 【財宝の扉】湿った殺気
Area Bloodbane Isle
Recommended Level Level 63
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 3,783 XP
- 11,880 G
- 250 R
- 500 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 3 x Ice Cube Fragment - アイスキューブの欠片
- 1 x Aliment Extractant - 精分抽出剤
- 3 x Superior Healing Remedy - 癒しの特撰薬・上

Request Text

I went to fight the demons with my friend and two others… but he fell in battle, and so did the others to them… For me to say this… What? My friend is no more. Hmm? You did not sign up to kill demons at first? It was the same with me….

Quest Objectives

  1. Defeat the enemy encountered

Quest Flow

To activate this quest, you will need to go to the Bloodbane Isle: Frigid Ancient Passage - 氷気の遺路.

Once inside, head for the door that leads to the Frigid Ancient Passage: Dangerous Area 氷気の遺路 危険区域. You will need a Key of Treasures - 財宝の鍵 to open this door.

Enter and you will encounter two Level 60 Silver Roars, Level 60 Frosted Skeletons and Level 60 Aqua Jellies. Defeat them all and the quest will be marked as completed.

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