WQ: Dancing Phantoms Down Below

Basic Information

Quest Name Dancing Phantoms Down Below
Quest Name (JP) 地下に舞いし幻影
Area Hidell Plains
Recommended Level Level 57
Quest Conditions Hidell Plains Area Rank 13
Quest Rewards
- 2,965 XP
- 1,880 G
- 235 R
- 1,340 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 1 x Unappraised Moon Trinket (Soldier) - 月彫りの未鑑定装具【兵】
- 5 x Iron Ore Fragment - 鉄鉱石の欠片
- 3 x Superior Strong Gala Extract - 濃厚ガラエキス・上

Request Text

No, 'twas only curious… I went there to test my courage. Then I saw a strange black shadow covering my vision - that was the last thing I recalled before I lost consciousness. I never want to experience such fear again. - Alfred

Quest Objectives

  1. Give 2 x Drómi - ドローミ to Alfred
  2. Seek out the enemy
  3. Kill the enemy encountered
  4. Report back to Alfred

Quest Flow


You can obtain this quest from Alfred at the Black Grape Inn in the village of Tel. He will require that you obtain 2 Drómi - ドローミ for him. Remember to have the items in your possession and not in your storage chest.


He will then request that you investigate on the news of movements deep within The Ark. Now head over there and on to The Ark's Lower Level - アーク 裏層 via the side entrance. Note the marker on your mini-map.

Soon you will encounter some Level 55 Wights, Level 55 Frosted Skeleton Brutes and Level 57 Alchemy Eyes. Finish them off and then report back to Alfred. Once your conversation with Alfred is done, the quest will be marked as completed.

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