WQ: A Yearning From A Distance

Basic Information

Quest Name A Yearning From A Distance
Quest Name (JP) 遠方より想う
Area Bloodbane Isle
Recommended Level Level 63
Quest Conditions None
Quest Rewards
- 3,876 XP
- 5,195 G
- 662 R
- 500 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 2 x Cursed Cloth - カースドクロス
- 3 x Blue Alluvial Gold - 青砂金
- 3 x Panacea - 万能薬

Request Text

The Kinoza Mineral Springs are just heavenly, don't you think? Should pay it a visit and stay there a while. There aren't all too many to take up living here. Still, the place is beginning to prosper, so I do not mind. - Gunther

Quest Objectives

  1. Obtain and give 6 x Volden Quality Coal - ボルド産良質石炭 to Kenegg - ケネック

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, talk to Gunther, the shopkeeper in the Reconnaissance Expedition Garrison. He will ask that you find and deliver six Volden Quality Coal - ボルド産良質石炭 to in Kenegg - ケネック in Kinoza.

Obtain the items and give them to Kenegg. Remember to have the items in your possession, and not in your storage chest. Once you have delivered the items, the quest will be marked as completed.

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