WQ: An Altered Beast Attacks!

Basic Information

Quest Name An Altered Beast Attacks!
Quest Name (JP) 改造魔獣、襲撃!
Area Mergoda Ruins
Recommended Level Level 55
Quest Conditions - Completed Main Quest: The Great Alchemist - 偉大なる錬金術師
- Mergoda Ruins Area Rank 5
Quest Rewards
- 2,960 XP
- 1,810 G
- 330 R
- 1,350 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 2 x Alkahest - 万物融解液
- 2 x Alchemised Armour Plates - 錬魔の装甲板
- 2 x Superior Healing Remedy - 癒しの特撰薬・上

Request Text

What a disaster! A flying beast has beeen frequently attacking Mergoda and already several people have gone missing. The rough location of where the beast haunts is as thus. To those skilled at arms, please slay the foul creature! - Eunike

Quest Objectives

  1. Find out the identity of the creature
  2. Kill the discovered enemy - Level 55 Alchemised Griffin
  3. Report back to Eunike - エウニケ

Quest Flow


Talk to Eunike - エウニケ, who can be found standing at X 85, Y 65. She will speak to you about a flying creature that has been attacking the locals, and then requests that you seek out and destroy it.

The creature she spoke of can be found at X 72, Y 148. Head to the location and you will come face to face with a Level 55 Alchemised Griffin. Kill it and then report back to Eunike to complete the quest.

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