WQ: A Concern For Artifacts

Basic Information

Quest Name A Concern For Artifacts
Quest Name (JP) 気になるあの品
Area Hidell Plains
Recommended Level Level 46
Quest Conditions Completed Main Quest: Thinking of A Friend - 友を思う
Quest Rewards
- 1,510 XP
- 1,260 G
- 200 R
- 920 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 3 x Sinister Carrion - 不吉な死肉
- 3 x Healing Remedy - 癒しの特撰薬
- 3 x Strong Gala Extract - 濃厚ガラエキス

Request Text

Klaus is highly dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. He is in search for some artifacts said to be found in the ruins and is restless about it. Wonder how Joseph feels about all this? Perhaps it is no concern for a mere knight like me.

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to Zoma and seek out someone with the information needed
  2. Seek out the enemy
  3. Defeat the enemy encountered
  4. Report back to Robber
  5. Report back to Klaus

Quest Flow


Talk to Klaus in the Audience Chamber to activate this quest.

He will ask you to collect certain artifacts that he feels are important and necessary for his work.


Now go to Zoma - ゾマ and seek out your contact. You will need to speak to the Thief - 盗賊 at X 361, Y 150. You will be asked to obtain some Bloodstained Relics in exchange for the materials Klaus requires.


Now you will have to go to X 388, Y 145 and defeat a group of Level 46 Skeleton Sorcerers and Level 46 Frosted Corpse Torturers. Once you have done so, return and report back to the Thief to exchange for Klaus' materials. Then return to the Audience Chamber and report back to Klaus to complete the quest.

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