WQ: A Clash With the Orc Elite Corps

Basic Information

Quest Name A Clash With the Orc Elite Corps
Quest Name (JP) オーク精鋭部隊との遭遇
Area Zandora Wastelands
Recommended Level Level 48
Quest Conditions Zandora Wastelands Area Rank 2
Quest Rewards
- 1,320 XP
- 1,320 G
- 210 R
- 930 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 1 x Crest of Holy Drain Guard - 強防聖吸のクレスト
- 1 x Crest of Blindness Guard - 強防闇霧のクレスト
- 1 x Panacea - 万能薬

Request Text

I pursued the last of the Orcs but the losses my squad suffered were much bigger than expected, so I reluctantly returned. But one man from my squad has yet to return. It's unthinkable that he would attempt to defeat all those Orcs by himself. He should be here, but…. - A drunk woman

Quest Objectives

  1. Seek out the Orc Elite Corps
  2. Defeat the encountered enemy
  3. Report back to the Arisen Corps Regimental Soldier - 覚者隊の隊士

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, make your way to X 277, Y 85. You will find the Arisen Corps Regimental Soldier - 覚者隊の隊士 there. Talk to him and he will ask you to seek out the Orc elite troops in the area.


Now go to the quest marker at X 322, Y 90. You will find a group of Orcs. Eliminate them all and then report back to the soldier. The quest will then be marked as completed.

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