WQ: A Calamity at the Cathedral Ruins (II)

Basic Information

Quest Name A Calamity at the Cathedral Ruins (II)
Quest Name (JP) 廃教会の異変
Area Hidell Plains
Recommended Level Level 25
Quest Conditions Hidell Plains Area Rank 4
Quest Rewards
- 960 XP
- 820 G
- 80 R
- 320 AP
Quest Rewards
(choose one)
- 3 x Drilled Plate Sheet - 錬成プレート片
- 2 x Healing Elixir - 癒しの妙薬
- 3 x Concoction of Light - 光の特薬湯

Request Text

Do you know of those ruins by the road? A member of the Knights is there with a thoughtful look. He seemed to be have been there for quite some time. Recently there's an inspection for suspicious activity nearby. Perhaps he is patrolling or on guard. Did something terrible happen? - Gorton

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate and find the ringleader
  2. Defeat the undead enemy
  3. Report back to Gorton

Quest Flow


You can get this quest from Gorton, a Knight standing behind the ruined building that leads to the Hidell Catacombs. (X 231, Y 308)

Talk to him and he will speak of some suspicious activity reported down in the catacombs. He will ask that you investigate and find the ringleader responsible; the quest objective will update accordingly.

Enter the catacombs. Soon you will come across a chamber that has a Level 25 Wight, who can and will summon some Level 23 Skeleton Sorcerers. The quest objective will update: eliminate them.

Once you’ve gotten rid of them, report back to Gorton. He will thank you for your efforts and the quest will be marked as completed.

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