Natural Charcoal 「自然木炭」
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自然木炭 Natural Charcoal


A charcoal that formed naturally via environmental heat.


Item Rank 85
Value 1,000 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped By

  • Rathnite Foothills: Goblin Lookout - ラスニテ山麓【小鬼の物見台】
  • Rathnite Foothills: Rathnite Foothills - ラスニテ山麓【ラスニテ山麓】
  • Rathnite Foothills: Rathnite Foothills Lakeside - ラスニテ山麓【ラスニテ山麓 湖畔部】
  • Rathnite Foothills: Lakeside Grotto - ラスニテ山麓【湖畔の洞窟】
  • Rathnite Foothills: Reservoir Underground Tunnel - ラスニテ山麓【水源へ続く地下道】
  • Rathnite Foothills: Cave of Hell's Descent - ラスニテ山麓【冥府下りの洞穴】
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