Alchemic Wood「アルケムウッド」
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アルケムウッド Alchemic Wood


A strong artificial wood created with alchemy. Used in crafting.


Item Rank 11
Value 557 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped By

  • Mergoda Ruins Area Points Weekly Rewards
  • Reward for Crucible of Demons Grand Mission
  • Deenan Woods: Heavenly Terrace - ディナン深層林【飛天のテラス】
  • Eastern Zandora: Dead Lord's Labyrinth - ザンドラ東部【死王の迷宮】
  • Mergoda Ruins: Mergoda Ruins - 亡都メルゴダ【亡都メルゴダ】
  • Mergoda Ruins: Mergodan Residence - 亡都メルゴダ【メルゴダ民の住居】
  • Mergoda Ruins: Mergoda Ruins Lower Level - 亡都メルゴダ【亡都メルゴダ 下層】
  • Mergoda Ruins: Mergoda Ruins Royal Palace Level - 亡都メルゴダ【亡都メルゴダ 王宮層】
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