Holy Crest Tower Shield 「聖紋のタワーシールド」
Icon JP Name Translation
13326e3097ef2e4c69d6eb5825fb9884.png 聖紋のタワーシールド Holy Crest Tower Shield


Physical Attack 1,578 Magickal Attack 0
Vocation Shield Sage Equip Level 67
Knockback 459 Stun 15
Stagger Chance 0 Weight 1020
Guard Power 364 Force Stock Units 4
Item Rank 30 Damage Type Blunt


Crafting Cost 160,000 G
Crafting Time 02:30:00
XP Acquired 1,225 XP
No. Items Produced 1
Value 17,960 G
Bazaar Cannot be sold

Crafting Materials

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