Fata Morgana 「ファルタモルガナ」
Icon JP Name Translation
0ea67c8a114872838b7369e71a75653e.png ファルタモルガナ Fata Morgana


The modern meaning of Fata Morgana refers to a form of mirage caused by a temperature inversion in the atmosphere. In Italian, it means 'fairy Morgan' and originally referred to a mirage seen in the Strait of Messina between Italy and Sicily, believed to be the work of the sorceress Morgan le Fay.


Physical Attack 1,501 Magickal Attack 1,402
Damage Type Blunt Vocation Alchemist
Item Rank 25 Equip Level 65
Knockback 281 Stun 15
Stagger Chance 0 Weight 80
Enemy Profiency (Infected) 17


Crafting Cost 155,000 G
Crafting Time 05:07:30
XP Acquired 1,675 XP
No. Items Produced 1
Value 21,130 G
Bazaar Cannot be sold

Crafting Materials

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