There are several Vocations available in the game. The player Newly Arisen can select one of the four starting vocations - Fighter, Hunter, Priest or Shield Sage - when starting the game. The other vocations are only available upon completion of the first Main Quest.

Vocations are of three different types: Attacker, Support or Tank. Players can switch Vocations by speaking to Archibald at the White Dragon Temple.

Unlike in Dragon's Dogma, vocations are levelled up independently. Stat gains from one vocation will have no effect on other vocations. However, Augments from one vocation can still be equipped on another.

As of Season 3.2, all vocations except for High Scepter will be made available after completing the Main Quest Resolutions and Omens - 覚悟と兆し.

High Scepter can only be obtained with a Personal Quest available at Renton in the Temple.

Available Vocations

Icon Vocation Type Description
Fighter Attacker A vocation that has balanced offence and defence. Armed with Sword and Shield.
Hunter Attacker A vocation that can deal precise damage from a distance. Armed with Bow and able to use special arrows.
Priest Support A vocation that supports the party with recovery and support magick. Armed with Staff.
Shield Sage Tank A vocation that specialises in defence and limited elemental magick support that can attract enemy attention away from other party members. Armed with Greatshield.
Sorcerer Attacker A vocation that commands powerful arcane spells that inflict great damage. Armed with Archistaff.
Seeker Attacker A vocation that possesses great speed and maneuverability both on ground and in the air. Armed with Daggers.
Element Archer Support A vocation that can loose magickal bolts on the enemy and aid the party with recovery and support skills. Armed with Magick Bow.
Warrior Attacker A vocation that can withstand and deliver great physical damage. Armed with Greatsword.
Alchemist Tank A vocation that uses the secret arts of alchemy to inflict damage and debilitations on the enemy. Armed with Magick Gauntlet.
Spirit Lancer Support A vocation that has both support and offensive capabilities. Armed with Spirit Lance.
High Scepter Attacker A vocation that dual-wields magick and sword. Armed with Magick Sword.
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