A vocation that has balanced offence and defence. Armed with Sword and Shield.

Fighter is immediately available upon starting the game.

Job Master

The Job Master for Fighter is Vanessa, who can be found at Gritten Fort.

Custom Skills

Skill Name (JP) Translation Description Level Job Points
一閃突き Blink Strike A dash forward that ends with a lunged stab to the enemy; damage is higher the further the dash distance. - -
刀牙昇斬 Tusk Toss Traces a grand upward arc with the sword, sending lightweight enemies into the air. 3 300
シールドバッシュ Cymbal Attack Deals a barrage of blows on the enemy with the shield. 3 300
天蓋斬り Skyward Lash Unleashes a flurry of skyward slashes well-suited to bringing flying foes to the ground. 6 500
逸らし斬り Hindsight Slash Ducks backward to evade attack before charging in to deliver a slashing blow. If timed correctly to evade an attack, this increases its power. 13 900
直下突き Downthrust Leaps to deliver a solid downward thrust. 13 900
センチュリオンスパイク Sheltered Spike Unleashes a flurry of stabbing attacks at the enemy while blocking with the shield. 20 1,200
円月斬り Compass Slash Spins with blade extended, drawing a circular slash twice around you. 25 1,500
チャリオットムーブ Moving Castle A quick lunge while blocking with the shield. 30 1,800
弐段突き Intimate Strike Delivers a quick stab and withdrawal slash to the enemy without distancing away. 30 1,800
流剣閃 Flowing Blade Flourish Blocks with the shield and then counters enemy attacks. Damage is greater if a perfect block with the shield is correctly executed. 35 2,100
ブレイブスレイド Braves Raid Unleashes an onslaught of swift, powerful attacks to all surroundings within reach. Clear EXM
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