The Knight Commander's Lucky Bag


This Lucky Bag contains one type of ensemble and a variety of consumables.

Please take note that this Treasure Lot can only be purchased with Golden Gemstones.


The ensembles from this Treasure Lot set can be equipped from Level 1, and can be enhanced up to 4 ★ (stars). Equipping an ensemble will use up all available armour slots on your character or pawn.

They are based on Gerd's armour. They can only be equipped on a male Arisen or pawn.

Please note that each Lucky Bag contains only one type of ensemble.

Icon Name (JP) Translation
騎士団長の鎧【雅】 Knight Commander's Armour (Refined)
騎士団長の鎧【零】 Knight Commander's Armour (Plain)

The Lucky Bag will contain all the following crests:

Item Name (JP) Translation Description Amount
装具微量化のクレスト Crest of Unburdening Equipment Weight -20% 1
守のクレスト・改 Crest of Protection Modified Physical Defence +6 1
智のクレスト・改 Crest of Intelligence Modified Magickal Defence +6 1
再起のクレスト・改 Crest of Restoration Modified Health Recovery +5 1

The following consumables are also included:

Item_Name_(JP) Translation Description Amount
白竜印の霊薬・上 Superior White Dragon Miracle Cure Restores 3,000 HP 5
白竜印のガラエキス・上 Superior White Dragon Gala Extract Restores 2,000 Stamina 5
万能霊薬 Cure-All Restores 2,000 HP and cures the following debilitations: Poisoned, Torpor, Sleep, Stunned, Drenched, Tarring, Silenced, Mollified, Petrified, Burning, Frozen, Shocked, Lowered Physical Attack, Lowered Physical Defence, Lowered Magickal Attack, Lowered Magickal Defence 3
蛮族の大丸薬 Large Pill of Savages Health Boost: maximum Health increase (30 minutes) 3
ガラ漬け強壮酒 Strong Gala Pickling Liquor Stamina Boost: maximum Stamina increase (30 minutes) 3
守護神の護符 Angel's Charm Temporary Defence Boost (30 minutes) 3
精霊の護符 Sprite's Charm Temporary Magick Defence Boost (30 minutes) 3
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