Wave of the Heroes 「豪傑の波動」


This Treasure Lot is designed for fighting the strongest enemy in Season 2.0, the Scourge. All the items have already been enhanced to four stars (★★★★). The items have a minimum vocation level of 55 in order to be equipped.

Please take note that the rewards for this Treasure Lot are randomly generated. Only Golden Gemstones can be used for this Treasure Lot.

If purchasing the continuous 5 'packaged' draws for 30 Golden Gemstones, you are guaranteed to get at least one type of item in each 'package'.

Purchasing 1 draw separately at 7 Golden Gemstones each does not guarantee acquiring certain pieces.

Available Items (Weapons)

Icon Name (JP) Translation Vocation
豪傑のチンクエディア Cinquedea of Heroes Fighter
豪傑のディナスティス Dynastes of Heroes Warrior
豪傑のタワーシールド Tower Shield of Heroes Shield Sage
豪傑のスピアーダガー Spear Daggers of Heroes Seeker
豪傑のスターディネス Sturdiness of Heroes Hunter
豪傑のデュアルハンズ Dual Hands of Heroes Alchemist
豪傑のシャープストリング Sharp String of Heroes Element Archer
豪傑のコランダムケイン Corundum Cane of Heroes Priest
豪傑のソートワンズ Thought Wand of Heroes Sorcerer

Available Items (Armor)

Icon Name (JP) Translation Type
執行者の聖鎧【月花】 Enforcer's Sacred Armour (Moonflower) Body Armour
執行者の聖衣【月花】 Enforcer's Sacred Clothing (Moonflower) Body Clothing
執行者のブーツ【月花】 Enforcer's Boots (Moonflower) Leg Armour
執行者の脚衣【月花】 Enforcer's Legwear (Moonflower) Legwear

Available Items (5 Packaged Lots)

You will obtain one random item from each Packaged Lot.

Packaged Lot Items Type
Package #1 - Cinquedea of Heroes
- Dynastes of Heroes
- Sturdiness of Heroes
- Sword
- Greatsword
- Bow
Package #2 - Spear Daggers of Heroes
- Sharp String of Heroes
- Thought Wand of Heroes
- Daggers
- Magick Bow
- Archistaff
Package #3 - Dual Hands of Heroes
- Tower Shield of Heroes
- Corundum Cane of Heroes
- Magick Gauntlet
- Greatshield
- Staff
Package #4 - Enforcer's Sacred Armour (Moonflower)
- Enforcer's Boots (Moonflower)
- Body Armour
- Leg Armour
Package #5 - Enforcer's Sacred Clothing (Moonflower)
- Enforcer's Legwear (Moonflower)
- Clothing
- Legwear
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