Ancient Folk Soldier's Garb 「古種族戦士の装い」


The S-Rank ensembles and A-Rank armour from this Treasure Lot set can be equipped from Level 1. Equipping an ensemble will use up all available armour slots on your character or pawn.

If purchasing the continuous 11 draws for 30 Golden Gemstones, you are guaranteed to get at least one S-Rank outfit out of the 11 draws.

Please take note that the rewards for this Treasure Lot are randomly generated, regardless of using Golden Gemstones or Silver Tickets.



S-Rank items are ensembles which can be equipped from Level 1, and can be enhanced up to 4 ★ (stars). They are based on Kieshildt's clothes. They can only be equipped on a male Arisen or pawn.

Players have a 2% chance of obtaining an S-Rank item.

Icon Name (JP) Translation
古種族戦士の鎧【雅】 Ancient Folk Soldier's Armour (Refined)
古種族戦士の鎧【零】 Ancient Folk Soldier's Armour (Plain)



There are four pieces of armour available. They can equipped on both Arisen and pawn, male or female. The armour set is similar to the Nemesis Armour set.

Players have a 10% chance of obtaining an A-Rank item.

Icon Name (JP) Translation Armour Type
執行者の聖鎧【紅蓮】 Enforcer's Sacred Armour (Crimson) Body Armour
執行者の聖衣【紅蓮】 Enforcer's Sacred Clothing (Crimson) Body Clothing
執行者のブーツ【紅蓮】 Enforcer's Boots (Crimson) Leg Armour
執行者の脚衣【紅蓮】 Enforcer's Legwear (Crimson) Legwear



There are 16 different items available.

Players have an 88% chance of obtaining a B-Rank item.

Item_Name_(JP) Translation Description Amount
頑守のクレスト Crest of Firm Protection Physical Defence +5 1
叡智のクレスト Crest of Wisdom Magickal Defence +5 1
頑耐のクレスト Crest of Tenaciousness Maximum Endurance +8 1
不屈のクレスト Crest of Resolve Health Recovery +2 1
白竜印の攻錬石 White Dragon Attack Upgrade Rock Increases weapon Crest slot 1
白竜印の護錬石 White Dragon Defence Upgrade Rock Increases armour Crest slot 1
白竜印の霊薬 White Dragon Miracle Cure Restores 2,000 HP 5
白竜印ガラエキス White Dragon Gala Extract Restores 1,500 Stamina 5
蛮族の丸薬 Pill of Savages Health Boost: maximum Health increased 3
ガラ漬け酒 Gala Pickling Liquor Stamina Boost: maximum Stamina increased 3
錬成発破弾 Blasting Beads Throw to inflict damage on enemy. Inflicts Burning. 3
匠のピッケル Artisan's Pickaxe Used to mine ore. Lower chances of breaking. 2
匠の伐採ナイフ Artisan's Lumber Knife Used to harvest lumber. Lower chances of breaking. 2
万能箱開け工具 All-Purpose Lockpick Used to unlock treasure chests. Lower chances of breaking. 2
七彩の色液 Rainbow Dye Allows a piece of equipment to be changed to any colour. 1
色戻し液 Colour Restorer Restores the original colour of a piece of equipment. 1
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