Halloween Limited Treasure Lot - Cutie Imp & Vampire Dandy



This special limited Halloween treasure lot is available from 20 October - 2 November 2016. The lot is available for 18 Golden Gemstones only; Silver Tickets cannot be used. The above image shows some equipment that can be obtained from the lot. The armour pieces are readily enhanced to 4 stars and can be equipped on both male and female characters/pawns.

Purchasing this treasure lot will obtain 7 packaged lots with a single random item to be obtained per package. The items available under this treasure lot are as follows:

Icon Item Name (JP) Translation Amount
仮装の頭飾 魔法使い(頭防具) Fancy Dress Witch’s Hat (headgear) 1
仮装の頭飾 バンパイア(頭防具) Fancy Dress Vampire’s Hat (headgear) 1
仮装の頭飾 小悪魔(頭防具) Fancy Dress Imp’s Headdress (headgear) 1
仮装のマント バンパイア(オーバーウェア) Fancy Dress Vampire’s Mantle (overwear) 1
仮装のマント 小悪魔(オーバーウェア) Fancy Dress Imp’s Mantle (overwear) 1
無形のコート(胴アーマー) Invisible Coat (body armour) 1
無形のブーツ(脚アーマー) Invisible Boots (leg armour) 1
無形のアンダーウェア(胴ウェア) Invisible Underwear (body clothing) 1
無形のアンダーパンツ(脚ウェア) Invisible Underpants (legwear) 1
無形のグローブ(腕防具) Invisible Gloves (arm armour) 1
無形のマント(オーバーウェア) Invisible Mantle (overwear) 1
七彩の色液 Rainbow Dye 1
色戻し液 Colour Restorer 1

Packaged Lots

You will obtain one random item from each Packaged Lot. Packaged Lots 6 and 7 however, only have one type of item per packaged lot.

Packaged Lot Items
Package #1 - Fancy Dress Witch’s Hat
- Fancy Dress Vampire’s Hat
- Fancy Dress Imp’s Headdress
Package #2 - Fancy Dress Vampire’s Mantle
- Fancy Dress Imp’s Mantle
Package #3 - Invisible Coat
- Invisible Boots
Package #4 - Invisible Underwear
- Invisible Underpants
Package #5 - Invisible Gloves
- Invisible Mantle
Package #6 - Rainbow Dye
Package #7 - Colour Restorer

Replicating Angelo's and Shelly's Outfits2

Angelo's Outfit
Fancy Dress Vampire’s Hat - 仮装の頭飾 バンパイア
Marquis Gloves - マーキスグローブ
Marquis Wear - マーキスウェア
Marquis Legs - マーキスレッグス
Fancy Dress Vampire’s Mantle - 仮装のマント バンパイア
Shelly's Outfit
Fancy Dress Imp’s Headdress - 仮装の頭飾 小悪魔
Bronze Bangles - ブロンズバングル
Lady’s Corset - 淑女のコルセット
Silky Stockings - シルキーストッキング
Fancy Dress Imp’s Mantle - 仮装のマント 小悪魔

Please note that getting an exact match of the above and still maintaining optimum equipment via the costume system will require the use of dyes to recolour your equipment, as well as the ‘Invisible’ armour pieces.

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