Highland Akadama 「高地の赤玉土」
Icon JP Name Translation
高地の赤玉土 Highland Akadama


A potting soil in the form of small beads of dried earth.

Note: akadama are small balls of volcanic clay that have been mined and naturally dried or baked to a desired hardness, used as potting soil for plants such as bonsai.1


Item Rank 105
Value 350 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped By

  • メガドシス高地【幽縁ヶ浜】
  • メガドシス高地【メガドシス高地】
  • メガドシス高地【戦練の社】
  • メガドシス高地【城塞都市メガド 王宮層】
  • メガドシス高地【メガド回廊】
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