PQ: Road To Mastery

Basic Information

Quest Name Road To Mastery
Quest Name (JP) 道を極めんがため
Area Hidell Plains
Recommended Level Level 70
Quest Conditions Level 70
Quest Rewards
- 3,337 XP
- 1,154 G
- 150 R

Request Text

To learn about the new Play Point system, listen to what Archibald in the White Dragon Temple has to say. - Archibald

Quest Objectives

  1. Change to Play Point (PP) earning mode at the Vocation change menu
  2. Report to Archibald
  3. Go to the Mysree Ancient Burial Mount to obtain Play Points
  4. Defeat enemies to earn 1 or more Play Points
  5. Report back to Archibald at the White Dragon Temple
  6. Listen to what Renton has to say about the Play Point Shop
  7. Check the lineup at the Play Point Shop
  8. Report to Renton

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, talk to Archibald at the White Dragon Temple.

Archibald will tell you about a new growth mechanic, namely the Play Point system. You can now change your growth mechanic to acquire Play Points or PP, instead of experience or XP and levelling your current vocation. To do so, just switch from XP-earning mode to PP-earning mode in the Vocation change menu. The Play Point system will be unlocked and the tutorial for it will appear.


The first quest objective will appear: change to Play Point (PP) earning mode at the Vocation change menu. Refer to the image above. Once you have done so, another objective will appear: report back to Archibald, who explains that you can always switch back and forth between XP-earning and PP-earning mode. It is best to switch to PP-earning mode once you have maxed your vocation.

You can earn PP by defeating enemies. However, you need to pay attention the enemies you fight, as enemies of different levels will give you differing amounts of PP. You can only obtain PP by defeating middle-sized or large enemies; small and weak enemies like goblins will earn you nothing. The higher the enemy's level, the more PP you will obtain. It is best to fight enemies that are at about your level. Archibald will show you for now a place where you can obtain PP, so that you understand the PP system. You should go to the location he tells you and see if your Area Rank is enough to access the place.


The quest will now update: go to the Mysree Ancient Burial Mound - ミスリウ古墳墓 at X 223, Y 414 to obtain PP. The quickest way is to warp to the portcrystal near the Peddler's Peril - 行商人の難所 and then head north.

When you enter the dungeon, the quest objective will update once more: defeat enemies to earn 1 or more PP. If you head over to the door on the left and proceed, you will encounter a Level 70 Death Knight, which will give you 3 PP. You can also defeat other enemies if you wish.

Once you have obtained at least 1 PP, the quest objective will update again: report back to Archibald at the White Dragon Temple, who will be pleased that you have understood how to earn PP. He also reminds you to check whether you have XP-earning or PP-earning modes available. He will then tell you to speak to Renton to find out what you can do with the PP you have earned.


Renton will explain what you can do with the PP you earned; you can purchase certain items from the Play Point Shop - プレイポイントショップ. He invites you to see what the Play Point Shop has to offer. The tutorial for the Play Point Shop will appear at this point. Simply select the Play Point Shop - プレイポイントショップ option when you speak to him to access it. Once you have seen the items available, exit and then speak again to Renton. He will tell you to use your PP wisely.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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