PQ: Northern Betland Plains Trial: The Turmoil in the Fort

Basic Information

Quest Name Northern Betland Plains Trial: The Turmoil in the Fort
Quest Name (JP) バートランド平原北部 試練:砦の騒動
Area Northern Betland Plains
Recommended Level Level 65
Quest Conditions Northern Betland Plains Area Rank 12
Quest Rewards
- 1,970 XP
- 1,072 G
- 137 R

Request Text

In order to resolve the problems plaguing the Northern Betland Plains, you need to storm inside Gardnox Fortress and investigate what goes on within. - Sunny

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate within Gardnox Fortress
  2. Defeat the enemy threat
  3. Report back to Sunny in Drawan village

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, talk to Sunny, the Area Master for Betland Plains.

Sunny asks you if you came to check up on Gardnox Fortress. She then adds that she knows everything about the place and has plenty of information, though she is unsure if they will be of use to you. Recently there has been a lot of activity in the fortress, as far as her informants could tell from afar. Plenty of Orcs have gone in and out of the fortress. It is likely that something important is happening in the fortress; perhaps they are preparing for an invasion of the village. She is very interested to know what is going in there, and asks if you could investigate.


The quest objective will appear: go to Gardnox Fortress - ガルドノック砦 at X 108, Y 121 and find out what is going on. The quickest way there is to warp to the Portcrystal in front of the fortress' main gate. Enter the fortress.


When you reach the central court of the fortress at X 49, Y 24, you will encounter several Level 65 Orc Bringers and a Level 65 Infected Orc Bringer. The quest objective will update: eliminate them.

Once you have done so, the quest objective will update: report back to Sunny. She will be shocked to find out that there are Infected Orcs at Gardnox Fortress. She tells you she has heard of the Infected Orcs at Rotes, and wonders what happens to them when they are infected so with the mysterious corruption. It seems that the threat of the corruption has reached this place; the locals already have their hands full with Orcs and demons, and now they have one more thing to worry about. Still, the Orcs that went in and out the fortress seemed to be trying to help the Infected Orc somehow. She wonders if the Infected Orc was their leader and had summoned for their help. It seems that the Orcs will not easily abandon one of their own - a good trait she had not expected in the creatures. Humans on the other hand, are more likely to abandon others to isolation when a problem arises, as seen here in Drawan and Zandora. She finishes by saying perhaps she is thinking too much on the matter, and then thanks you.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

Speak to Sunny again to increase your local Area Rank to 13.

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