PQ: Mysree Forest Trial: A Nightmare's Great Shadow

Basic Information

Quest Name Mysree Forest Trial: A Nightmare's Great Shadow
Quest Name (JP) ミスリウ森林 試練:悪夢の巨影
Area Mysree Forest
Recommended Level Level 70
Quest Conditions Mysree Forest Area Rank 13
Quest Rewards
- 3,337 XP
- 1,154 G
- 150 R

Request Text

In order to resolve the problems plaguing Mysree Forest, you need to defeat the Nightmare terrorising the Peddler's Peril. - Patricia

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to the Peddler's Peril - 行商人の難所 and seek for the dangerous demon
  2. Defeat the demonic threat
  3. Report back to Patricia at Lynwood village

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, talk to Patricia, the Area Master for Mysree Forest.

She quickly asks you to undertake an extermination mission in the area. The White Knights could not spare the time to take care of the problem at hand, so Patricia would like you to handle it.

Patricia tells you that 'Merritia the Child-Stealer' has chosen to nest deep within Mysree Forest, causing a great disturbance near the Peddler's Peril - 行商人の難所. When you ask her who is 'Merritia the Child-Stealer', Patricia tells you that she is a vicious Nightmare that has developed a taste for human flesh. She once roamed Lestania, stealing and eating children. The White Knights had defeated her, but she somehow survived and fled to hide elsewhere. Patricia has no idea when she had resurfaced and resumed her rampage, but the other day a terrible cry was heard as something flew from the direction of Jingen. There are children in Lynwood and Patricia will keep a close eye on them, but still something must be done before any of the children are stolen away to a terrible fate.

The quest will now update: head over to the Peddler's Peril - 行商人の難所 at X 217, Y 420 and investigate the location.


When you reach the location, the quest objective will update once you come across Merritia herself, a Level 70 Nightmare. Defeat her. Once you have done so, the quest objective will update again: report back to Patricia.

She is thrilled that you defeated Merritia the Child-Stealer. She wonders if the Nightmare has decided to make its home elsewhere. At any rate, Merritia would likely remain in hiding until she has fully recovered. Patricia is certain the parents in the village will be relieved, before she thanks you for your help.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

Speak to her again and your Area Rank will be raised to 14.

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