PQ: Eastern Zandora Trial: The Hollow Visitors

Basic Information

Quest Name Eastern Zandora Trial: The Hollow Visitors
Quest Name (JP) ザンドラ東部 試練:虚ろの客人
Area Eastern Zandora
Recommended Level Level 65
Quest Conditions Eastern Zandora Area Rank 12
Quest Rewards
- 1,970 XP
- 1,072 G
- 132 R

Request Text

In order to resolve the problems plaguing Eastern Zandora, you need to investigate the Place of the Weeping Dead and defeat the demons you discover there. - Nadia

Quest Objectives

  1. Seek out the demons roaming near the Place of the Weeping Dead
  2. Defeat the demons encountered
  3. Report back to Nadia in Zoma village

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, talk to the Area Master for Eastern Zandora, Nadia.

She will be pleased that the "brave Arisen" is ready to help defeat the demons troubling the area. Nadia will inform you that there is a place east of Zoma where there are suits of armour running amok. The ground there is littered with the dead, and the location itself is called the Place of the Weeping Dead - 屍のすすり泣く地. It is likely that these "hollow visitors" found their way there after following the stench of death that still reeks in that place. She asks that you personally take care of these demons.

The quest objective will appear: head to the Place of the Weeping Dead - 屍のすすり泣く地 at X 379, Y 145 and investigate the location for the demons Nadia spoke of.


When you reach the location, the quest objective will update once you come across the "hollow visitors" that Nadia spoke of. You will have to defeat the two Level 65 Hollow Knights, which are actually Level 65 Ghost Mails.

Once you have done so, the quest objective will update again: report back to Nadia of your success. She will welcome you back to Zoma and seems to be glad that you are safe. When you tell her that you have taken care of the "hollow visitors", she is glad that they are no longer likely to show up in the village. She states her appreciation and thanks to you for helping to protect Zoma, where the seekers of dreams gather.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

Speak to Nadia again to increase your local Area Rank to 13.

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