PQ: Dowe Valley Trial: The Cries From The Bottom of The Well

Basic Information

Quest Name Dowe Valley Trial: The Cries From The Bottom of The Well
Quest Name (JP) ダウ渓谷 試練:井戸底からの呼び声
Area Dowe Valley
Recommended Level Level 68
Quest Conditions Dowe Valley Area Rank 14
Quest Rewards
- 2,962 XP
- 1,121 G
- 145 R

Request Text

In order to resolve the problems plaguing Dowe Valley, you need to investigate the very depths of the Forsaken Well. - Hayden

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate the depths of the Forsaken Well
  2. Defeat the enemy threat
  3. Report back to Hayden at Jingen village

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, talk to Hayden, the Area Master for Dowe Valley.

Hayden will thank you for sparing your time to help him out. He then tells you that some voices were heard from the Forsaken Well - 見捨てられた井戸. Perhaps they are cries from children who disappeared; their parents are hoping that they are still alive in the well. At any rate, he must not give up hope and find out. However, as there is also the possibility those cries came from beasts or demons, the locals are unable to investigate the place. The villagers have no choice but to rely on the Arisen at times like these, and Hayden asks you to find out whether there is anyone in the depths of the well. He also thanks you in advance.


It would be wise to take precautions, such as bringing a supply of Petrification Cures - 石化下し for this quest.

The quest objective will appear: investigate the very depths of the Forsaken Well - 見捨てられた井戸. The well is located at X 324, Y 326. Enter and make your way to the chamber at the very end.


You will need to open the gate barring the way there; to do so, go through the door on the right side at X 60, Y -35. Kill the Level 68 Ghoul and Level 68 Gargoyles you encounter to open the gate. Once you have done so, go back and then proceed to the chamber at the end.


You will come across the Deep Well Mistress - a Level 68 Medusa - and some more Level 68 Gargoyles. The quest objective will update: defeat the creatures. Once you have done so, report back to Hayden at the village. He will be shocked when you tell him that there was a Medusa in the well. The parents who entered the well to look for their children ended up as Medusa's victims, while those who tried to flee for their lives were attacked and fell to the Gargoyles. He certainly did not expect this, and then wonders what actually happened to the children of the petrified people in the well. When you tell him that you did not find any signs of children, he wonders where they have gone. He then thanks you on behalf of all the villagers.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

Speak to Hayden again to increase your local Area Rank to 15.

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