PQ: Bloodbane Isle Trial: The Worn Twin Tusks

Basic Information

Quest Name Bloodbane Isle Trial: The Worn Twin Tusks
Quest Name (JP) 魔赤島 試練:蝕まれゆく双牙
Area Bloodbane Isle
Recommended Level Level 68
Quest Conditions Bloodbane Isle Area Rank 14
Quest Rewards
- 2,962 XP
- 1,121 G
- 145 R

Request Text

In order to resolve the problems plaguing Bloodbane Isle, you need to investigate the Fungal Colony Caves. There is an immediate threat in the form of a demon that needs to be taken care of. - Bertrand

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate the Fungal Colony Caves
  2. Defeat the enemy encountered
  3. Report back to Bertrand

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, talk to Bertrand, the Area Master for Bloodbane Isle.

He will ask if you are ready to proceed. Your target is a Behemoth that is highly dangerous, since it has grown more aggressive and territorial after it has been infected by the mysterious corruption. The beast is lurking deep within the Fungal Colony Caves - 菌糸の襲窟, so Bertrand tells you to bring a lot of Antitoxin - 抗侵薬. He wishes that he could come with you to fight, but his duties as the Area Master and the leader of the Reconnaissance Expedition does not grant him the opportunity. He apologises for this and send you on your way, trusting that you will complete the task.


The quest objective will appear: head to the Fungal Colony Caves - 菌糸の襲窟 at X 28, Y 79 and investigate the location. Enter the caves. The bridge that directly leads to the chamber at the far end has collapsed, so you will have to take the detour to the left.

Keep going and you will reach a chamber with a Level 68 creature; either a Level 68 Troll or Level 68 Infected Griffin. You will need to defeat the creature in order to unlock the gate to the passage that leads to the end chamber.


The Level 68 Mycelium Behemoth - マイセリウム・べヘモット and several Level 68 Infected Hobgoblins are in the furthermost chamber at X 51, Y -74. The quest objective will update: defeat the creatures.

Once you have done so, the quest objective will update again: report back to Bertrand of your success. He will be pleased that you completed the mission safely, and say that things will quieten for a bit. He then thanks you as the Area Master and the head of the Expedition. The quest will then be marked as completed.

Speak to Bertrand again to increase your local Area Rank to 15.

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