PQ: Requiem For the Fallen Lady

Basic Information

Quest Name Betland Plains Trial: Requiem For the Fallen Lady
Quest Name (JP) バートランド平原 試練:亡き貴婦人へのレク
Area Betland Plains
Recommended Level Level 63
Quest Conditions Betland Plains Area Rank 14
Quest Rewards
- 1,938 XP
- 1,039 G
- 132 R

Request Text

In order to resolve the problems plaguing the Betland Plains, you need to investigate the Penitentiary and discover the truth behind the woman's laughter. - Scherzo

Quest Objectives

  1. Investigate the Penitentiary for the truth behind the woman's laughter
  2. Defeat the enemy threat
  3. Report back to Scherzo in Gritten Fort

Quest Flow


To activate this quest, talk to Scherzo, the Area Master for Betland Plains.

He will ask if you are ready to proceed with the mission, and says that you can take some time to prepare yourself. When he hears that you are ready to go ahead with the mission, he thanks you and goes on to brief you. The Penitentiary - 罪人の修獄 was once a prison, but is now a tomb for its inmates. Several scouts from the Arisen Corps investigating the area heard the laughter of a woman from near and within the place, but found no trace of anyone. Scherzo mentions that just talking about the matter gives him the chills - admittedly not proper behaviour for the vice commander of the Fort. He adds that he is relying on you for this task.


The quest objective will appear: head to the Penitentiary - 罪人の修獄 at X 203, Y 186 and discover what is behind the woman's laughter. Enter and make your way to the largest chamber at the very end. You will need to open a gate barring your way there by defeating a Level 63 Shadow Chimera and some Level 63 Shadow Goblins.


When you reach the chamber at X 50, Y -142, the quest objective will update as you come across the one responsible for the mysterious laughter Scherzo spoke of. It is a Level 63 Empress Ghost - a spirit of the Lady Wilhelmina. You will have to defeat her and some Level 63 Dark Skeletons.

Once you have done so, the quest objective will update again: report back to Scherzo of your findings. He will be glad to see you return, for you had gone for quite a while. When you tell him of what you discovered in the Penitentiary, he is surprised that a ghost is behind the mysterious laughter. He adds that he had expected as much. He wonders if the ghost lingered on because she was falsely accused in life. Only those who had committed a great crime and died in imprisonment were interred in that place. Someone who was falsely accused and perished there may have lingered on in death. Still, there is no point musing on the subject any further, so he thanks you for your hard work.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

Speak to Scherzo again to increase your local Area Rank to 15.

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