Pawn Expedition「ポーン遠征隊」


The Pawn Expedition is a feature introduced in Season 2.2 of the game. This feature allows the players to send their Partner Pawns on a special expedition mission from the Clan Hall.


Note: this will require the player to join a Clan, and for the Clan to be at Clan Level 3 to have its Clan Hall unlocked.

Pawn Expedition


A Partner Pawn can only be dispatched to a Pawn Expedition at the Clan Hall from the Pawn Expedition Facility - ポーン遠征隊の設備.


The Pawn Expedition Facility can be purchased for 2,000 Clan Points (CP).

Pawn Expedition missions are available only once per day. Players have the option to cancel the mission once it has begun; however, this will mean the pawn can no longer be dispatched for the day unless the player uses the resend option for 1 GG.


Partner Pawns can then be dispatched to various areas. More areas can be unlocked once the Clan Level is high enough and the necessary upgrades are purchased with CP.

The Partner Pawn will return with random materials and a random monster kill from the area the pawn is dispatched to. Please note that the player will require at least six empty slots in order to pick up the items the Partner Pawn has gathered during the expedition.

Hot Spots

Once the Partner Pawn has been dispatched on an expedition, there is also a chance of discovering a 'hot spot' in an area. The above image will appear if the Partner Pawn returns from an expedition and has discovered a 'hot spot'. The discovered 'hot spot' will only remain for one day (until next day's reset).

If the Partner Pawn is dispatched to an area with a discovered 'hot spot', then players can expect a special item.

During Dispatch

Once the Partner Pawn has been dispatched, the pawn will not be available to be placed in your party or to be used in crafting. Pawns sent out on an expedition will only be available after the reset time.


The Pawn Expedition will reset everyday at 5.00 AM JST.

Pawn Expedition Support Options

There are Pawn Expedition Support options that can be purchased to assist the Pawn Expedition.

Players can also opt to use 3 GG to guarantee the success of a Pawn Expedition in obtaining a special reward at a 'hot spot', namely a Rusty Iron Lump - 錆びた鉄塊.

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