Pawns 「ポーン」



Pawns are the faithful servants of the Arisen and will serve the Arisen in battle. They can also enhance and craft equipment and items for the Arisen. All pawns will bear a pawnprint on their right hand.

Main Pawn

All Newly Arisen will be able to create their first Main Pawn upon completing the Main Quest A Servant’s Pledge - しもべの契り. Players can create up to three Main Pawns in the game; however, in order to do so, players must first proceed with the main storyline and activate the necessary perks in the Dragon Force Augmentation Skill Tree tiers.

The second Main Pawn can be summoned after obtaining ten Riftstone Shards to be presented to the White Dragon. Unlocking the third Main Pawn requires completing the third tier of the Arisen's Dragon Force Augmentation skill tree.

Main Pawns can also be deleted in order to summon a new Main Pawn. However, forging a contract with a replacement Main Pawn will still require another ten Riftstone Shards to be presented to the White Dragon.

Partner Pawn

A Main Pawn can be assigned to be the Arisen's Partner Pawn. Partner Pawns will be present in the Arisen's Room. If the Arisen raises the Partner Pawn's affection level, the Partner Pawn will unlock 'gifts' such as secret abilities. For more details, click here.

Pawn Expedition

The Partner Pawn can also be dispatched on Pawn Expedition mission once per day. Please refer to this page for more details on the Pawn Expedition.

Support Pawn

Support Pawns are the Pawns of other Arisen. Players can hire Support Pawns via the Riftstone. Support Pawns can assist the Arisen in battle or to craft equipment. However, they can only participate in battle and undertake crafting for a limited amount of use, and players will have to release and rate them in order to hire them again. Support Pawns can only become a party member if the player's Main Pawn is already in the party.

Hiring Support Pawns will cost R.

Rating and returning Support Pawns will earn the player Rental Points (RP). RP can be converted into Job Points (JP) for the use of the player's own Main Pawns.

Pawns and Combat

Pawn Orders

In Dragon's Dogma Online, the Arisen can give commands directly to the pawns in their party. These commands are issued via the Pawn Orders menu.

Please refer to this page for more details on Pawn Orders.

Item Usage

Pawns cannot use items by themselves. Whenever the Arisen uses an item, the item's effects will also be applied to pawns. For example, if an Arisen uses a curative to cure the Poisoned debilitation, the pawns in the party that suffer from being Poisoned will be cured as well.

Lost Pawns

When Main Pawns fall in battle and are not revived in time, they are deemed 'Lost' and will not be able to be summoned into the party until their Arisen undertakes the Pawn Rescue mission to resurrect them. Please refer to this page for more details on the Pawn Rescue mission.

However, players with the Adventure Passport can resurrect their Main Pawns from any Riftstone by paying an amount of R, instead of having to complete the Pawn Rescue.

Support Pawns that fall in battle and are not revived in time can be summoned back into party via Riftstone, provided the Support Pawn's amount of party use has not expired.

Upgrading Main Pawn Skills and Abilities

Like the Arisen, Main Pawns can upgrade their skills at an Inn. Main Pawns will also earn Job Points (JP) when levelling up. The JP will be used to purchase skills. Rental Points (RP) can also be converted into JP. Main Pawns can also further upgrade their skills at a Job Master.

Upgrading Main Pawn Augments and Passives

Like Arisen, Main Pawns have their own individual Dragon Force Augmentation skill tree. However, the augments and passives available at their trees somewhat differ from that of the Arisen's skill tree.

Players can purchase passives and upgrades on the skill tree for their Main Pawns with Blood Orbs.

Main Pawns will benefit from the passives unlocked by their Arisen in the Vocation-specific Skill Trees as per Vocation. For example, a Warrior Main Pawn will automatically benefit from the passives unlocked in the Arisen's Warrior Skill Tree.

Introduction to Pawns Trailer

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