PPPQ: The Light of Defence

Basic Information

Quest Name The Light of Defence
Quest Name (JP) 堅守の灯火
Area Breya Coast
Recommended Level Level 8
Quest Conditions - Sufficient Partner Pawn Affection Level
- Partner Pawn in party
- No Arisen party members (pawns allowed)
Quest Rewards
- 880 XP
- 420 G
- 42 R
- 1 x Breya Medal - ブリア印記章

Request Text

The light at the top of Breya Coast's Moltova Lighthouse is well-known. Why don't we go see it and take a picture to remember it by? - Partner Pawn

Quest Objectives

  1. Use Photo Mode to take a picture with your pawn at the specified location
  2. Return to the Arisen's Room and reminiscence with your pawn

Quest Flow

Speak to your Partner Pawn in the Arisen's Room - 覚者の自室 to take up this quest. Your Partner Pawn will request to go to Breya Coast - ブリア海岸 to see the famous light at the Moltova Lighthouse - モルトバ灯台. Accept the request to continue with the quest.


The Moltova Lighthouse is an old lighthouse located in the western area of Breya Coast at X 55, Y 311. The quickest way there is to warp to the Moltova Lighthouse mini portcrystal. You can also warp the Breya Coast portcrystal and make your way to the lighthouse on foot.


Now climb to the top of the lighthouse. Then take a picture of you and your pawn with lighthouse's flame using the in-game Photo Mode - フォトモード . Once you have successfully taken a suitable picture, the quest objective will update: return to the Arisen's Room and reminiscence with your pawn.

The quickest way will be to warp back directly to the Arisen's Room. Talk to your pawn and select to reminiscence - 思い出話. Your pawn will comment in your ability to take beautiful pictures and that sometimes it is good to take a break once in a while. The quest will then be marked as completed.

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