PPPQ: The Hidden Chamber

Basic Information

Quest Name The Hidden Chamber
Quest Name (JP) 秘密の部屋
Area Breya Coast
Recommended Level Level 33
Quest Conditions - Sufficient Partner Pawn Affection Level
- Breya Coast Area Rank 9
- Partner Pawn in party
- No Arisen party members (pawns allowed)
Quest Rewards
- 2,380 XP
- 795 G
- 79 R
- 1 x Breya Medal - ブリア印記章

Request Text

Ah, in the Roaring Tide Cave at Breya Coast, it is said that there is 'a hidden chamber with vast treasure'. You are always in battle, Arisen. Why not take a break and look for this? It would be good to take a commemorative picture. - Partner Pawn

Quest Objectives

  1. Use Photo Mode to take a picture with your pawn at the specified location
  2. Return to the Arisen's Room and reminiscence with your pawn

Quest Flow

Speak to your Partner Pawn in the Arisen's Room - 覚者の自室 to take up this quest. Your Partner Pawn will request to go to the hidden treasure chamber in the Roaring Tide Cave - 潮騒洞窟 and take a picture together there.


Make sure you have your Partner Pawn in your party. Now head to the Roaring Tide Cave - 潮騒洞窟 at Breya Coast - ブリア海岸.


Enter the cave and make your way within. The 'hidden chamber with treasure' is located at X 50, Y -83.


However, you will have to defeat the Lindwurm ahead in order to access the hidden chamber. Once the creature is defeated, the bars over the entrance will be removed. Head back to the hidden chamber and enter.


Now simply take a picture of you and your pawn in the small treasure chamber using the in-game Photo Mode - フォトモード. It may take a few tries as the Photo Mode will not be available in certain angles.

(Try taking a picture while you just a step or two away from the door to the chamber.)

Once you have successfully taken a suitable picture, the quest objective will update: return to the Arisen's Room and reminiscence with your pawn.

The quickest way will be to warp back directly to the Arisen's Room. Talk to your pawn and select to reminiscence - 思い出話 in order to complete the quest.

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