PPPQ: Elementary Vegetable Dish

Basic Information

Quest Name Elementary Vegetable Dish
Quest Name (JP) 野菜料理初級編
Area Hidell Plains
Recommended Level Level 8
Quest Conditions - Sufficient Partner Pawn Affection Level
- Partner Pawn in party
- No Arisen party members (pawns allowed)
Quest Rewards
- 880 XP
- 420 G
- 42 R
- 1 x Hidell Medal - ハイデル印記章
- 1 x Breya Medal - ブリア印記章
- 1 x Reconnaissance Medal - 調査隊印記章

Request Text

I wish to learn more about loving and respecting my Master. This includes learning of the Master's daily meals. Master, if you would give me 1 x Herb Salad then I can get closer to this goal, correct? - Partner Pawn

Quest Objectives

  1. Give 1 x Herb Salad - ハーブサラダ to your Partner Pawn

Quest Flow

Speak to your Partner Pawn in the Arisen's Room - 覚者の自室 to take up this quest. Your Partner Pawn will request for 1 x Herb Salad - ハーブサラダ. Accept the request to continue with the quest.

Craft or buy 1 x Herb Salad and then talk to your Partner Pawn again to deliver it. If you wish to purchase the item, it is available for sale at Sally's General Store in the Shopping District of the Temple.

Once you have given the meal to your Partner Pawn, your pawn will thank you and the quest will be marked as completed.

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