Royal Crest Medal (Rathnite District) 「王家紋章のメダル<ラスニテ地方>」
Icon JP Name Translation
王家紋章のメダル<ラスニテ地方> Royal Crest Medal (Rathnite District)


A medal found only at Rathnite Foothills and cannot be found in other districts. It appears that the medal can be appraised and traded for rare items.


Item Rank 85
Value 1,000 G
Bazaar Cannot be sold

Found in/Dropped

  • Rathnite Foothills: Rathnite Foothills - ラスニテ山麓【ラスニテ山麓】
  • Rathnite Foothills: Rathnite Foothills Lakeside - ラスニテ山麓【ラスニテ山麓 湖畔部】
  • Rathnite Foothills: Lakeside Grotto - ラスニテ山麓【湖畔の洞窟】
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