Mark of Brute Courage 「蛮勇の印」
Icon JP Name Translation
蛮勇の印 Mark of Brute Courage


The mark of a strong Dwarf Orc in the demon army.


Item Rank 80
Value 500 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped

  • Level 80~ Assault Trooper Dwarf Orc - 打兵ドワーフオーク
  • Level 80~ Ranged Trooper Dwarf Orc - 投兵ドワーフオーク
  • Level 80~ Slasher Trooper Dwarf Orc - 斬兵ドワーフオーク
  • Level 80~ Heavy Trooper Dwarf Orc - 重兵ドワーフオーク
  • Level 80~ Squad Leader Dwarf Orc - 隊将ドワーフオーク
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