Adamās Ore 「アダマス鉱」
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アダマス鉱 Adamās Ore


An incredibly hard ore with magnetic properties.

Adamās is Greek for 'invincible'. It also refers to adamant, which is the hardest steel or iron.


Item Rank 65
Value 250 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped By

  • Kingal Canyon: Kingal Canyon - キンガル峡谷【キンガル峡谷】
  • Kingal Canyon: Kingal West Bank - キンガル峡谷【キンガル西岸】
  • Kingal Canyon: Carrion Bank - キンガル峡谷【腐肉のほとり】
  • Kingal Canyon: Great Temple Square - キンガル峡谷【大神殿前広場】
  • Kingal Canyon: Deserted Village of Kraag - キンガル峡谷【廃村クラーハ】
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