Crab Brittlegill「ニオイタケモドキ」
Icon JP Name Translation
ニオイタケモドキ Crab Brittlegill


A mushroom that does not have an appealing fragrance, but is highly nutritious. Used in crafting.

A purple-brown mushroom, the crab brittlegill is also known as the shrimp mushroom and has the odour of boiled shellfish.1


Item Rank 45
Value 100 G
Bazaar Can be sold

Found in/Dropped By

  • Morrow Forest - モロー樹林
  • Morrow Forest: Morrow Cavern - モロー樹林【モローケイヴァン】
  • Morrow Forest: Sauzanel Infected Woods - モロー樹林【サウザネル侵林】
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