MQ: Within the Infected Tree - 浸された樹内

Basic Information

Quest Name Within the Infected Tree
Quest Name (JP) 浸された樹内
Recommended Level Level 75
Quest Conditions Level 75
Quest Rewards
- 700,000 XP
- 56,000 G
- 4,800 R

Request Text

In order to cure the Central Tree, the corruption infecting it from within must be destroyed. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

Quest Flow

Note: it appears that even though the Tree of Phindym is based on the mythical Norse tree of Yggdrasil, a great deal of the names and places in Phindym are based on Celtic/Gaelic mythology instead. We have tried our best in matching them with the names and locations in the game.


Talk to Joseph to begin this quest. A cutscene will play.

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