MQ: The Village of Soldiers

Basic Information

Quest Name The Village of Soldiers
Quest Name (JP) 戦士の集落
Recommended Level Level 69
Quest Conditions Level 69
Quest Rewards
- 350,000 XP
- 48,000 G
- 3,800 R

Request Text

Travel to Phindym and look for your missing comrades. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Cecily, who waits at the Protector's Retreat
  2. Head for Dana Village in the Farana Plains
  3. Talk to Cecily
  4. Talk to the Area Master, Razanailt
  5. Activate the Portcrystal in Dana Village
  6. Pay a visit to Adair Donnchadh's home in Dana
  7. Talk to Adair Donnchadh
  8. Go to Dunhain's Hall of Trials to take up and face the trial
  9. Defeat the demon encountered
  10. Report back to Pisarr, the chief of Dana Village
  11. Talk to Cecily
  12. Report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber

Quest Flow

Note: it appears that even though the Tree of Phindym is based on the mythical Norse tree of Yggdrasil, a great deal of the names and places in Phindym are based on Celtic/Gaelic mythology instead. We have tried our best in matching them with the names and locations in the game.

Talk to Joseph to begin this quest.

Joseph will ask you to go to Phindym. He is concerned about the missing Gurdolin and reminds you that your squad is surely waiting for further orders. Once the conversation ends, the quest objective will update: talk to Cecily, who is waiting near the Protector's Retreat - 守り人の庵.

Talk to Klaus before you leave and he will note that until now, the Dragon of Phindym kept the continent in balance and Phindym remained as it were. However, this delicate balance has been disrupted and it may be difficult to figure out the actual cause.

Now simply warp the Portcrystal you had activated at Elan Water Grove at X 215, Y 397.


Cecily, Lise and Elliot will be waiting for you at the small path leading to the Protector's Retreat. Talk to Lise and she will advise you that as the squad does not know its way around here, perhaps it is best to follow Cecily's advice. Elliot will remark that the journey in Phindym had just started and this had to happen; but this time it will be his turn to help that person - referring to Gurdolin.

Talk to Cecily; she will greet you and say that the squad should go and search for Gurdolin and Loeg. Further north from the deserted village you had gone to earlier lies another village called Dana. There is shelter there and perhaps some information as well.

The quest objective will update: head for Dana Village in the Farana Plains. Simply follow the path and head north to the quest marker at X 228,Y 344.


You will find yourself near the gates of the village Cecily spoke of. Now activate the event marker for a cutscene.


You will enter the village and a group of villagers led by the chief, Pisarr - ピサル, will come to meet your party.1 Gurdolin is also with them.


Pisarr will greet Cecily, remarking that so it was true that she had returned safely. Gurdolin will snap out that he did tell the truth and that she had returned here with him. Cecily will then introduce you to Pisarr as a guardian of Lestania and Arisen of the White Dragon. Pisarr then says that Gurdolin there also claims that he is an Arisen from Lestania, then is somewhat surprised to find there is indeed a distant land called Lestania, where a white dragon and its people live. Nevertheless, the Dragon and the Arisen have a fated bond, but he seems to have problems believing what Gurdolin says; that the White Dragon has chosen and created many Arisen.


Cecily replies that this world is far more bigger and varied than what they can imagine. Pisarr shakes his head and says that to think Cecily disappeared when she was chosen as Arisen, then returned after arriving in a foreign land, as Gurdolin said… it appears that he finds it all hard to take in. He tells Cecily they want to believe her, but also says if what she and your squad said was true, then you must provide proof. Cecily nods in agreement, and Pisarr says that you should undergo the time-honoured way to show that you are telling the truth.


Once the cutscene ends, you will be presented with a new objective: talk to Cecily. Note that the villagers are still holding Gurdolin under guard. If you talk to one of them, Fionn - フィン, he will rudely tell you to prove your identity first, and warns you not to do anything shifty in this village or you will not live to regret it.2 Gurdolin will tell you to just do whatever the stubborn chief says. Cana - キャナ, one of the men guarding him will warn you that the village of Dana is a village of soldiers; try anything funny and you will find spears piercing you.3 Talk to Blair - ブレア the other guard and he will simply say that they will only obey orders from the chief, Pisarr.4 Pisarr himself will say that until your trustworthiness has been proven, he has no inclination to believe you.

Talk to Cecily to advance the quest. She will inform you that in Dana Village, according to ancient tradition, when one must prove that one is trustworthy by performing a feat. As for the feat required to show such proof, you should ask the local Area Master, Razanailt - ラザネイル, for clues. The Area Master can be found in the central building of the village, namely the Centrum - セントラム. You can also use the opportunity to activate the Portcrystal nearby if you wish.


The quest objective will update: talk to the Area Master. The building Cecily spoke of - Dana Centrum - ダナ・セントラム is located at X 51, Y 52. Enter and you will find the Area Master standing in the middle of the central area.


Talk to Razanailt and she will greet you as Cecily's friend before she asks you if you have activated the Portcrystal. If you have not done so, go outside and activate it.


Once it has been activated, speak to her again. She will say that she has known Cecily from little, and was her favourite sparring partner in their playing. She informs you that this village has a rather old-fashioned mindset but the villagers are not bad people, so do not bear them any grudges.

As for proving your trustworthiness, she has the perfect person in mind to handle this. The person is the Spirit Lancer Job Master who has left the village to take up residence up on the hill nearby. He is called Adair Donnchadh - アデルドナハ, and there is no one better with the spear or lance than him.5 If you return safely, then this is enough to prove that you are trustworthy.

Once the conversation ends, you will be presented with a quest objective update: pay a visit to Adair Donnchadh's home in Dana. Make your way out of the village and up the nearby hill to the quest marker at X 216, Y 343. You will see a house nearby, as well as a mini Portcrystal; it would be a good idea to activate it.


Activate the event marker there for a short cutscene.


A man will appear, with some kind of beast - a Spineback - スパインバック - rolling after him. He will then fight the creature and emerge victorious.

Once the cutscene ends, you will find yourself in Adair Donnchadh's home and the quest objective will be updated: talk to him. He greets you and when he is told that you were sent here by Razaneilt, he says that he does not actually care if you wish to undergo a trial to prove your innocence and trustworthiness, but he will not stop you either as the trial is done in order to prove one's self. He tells you to set off to a place called Dunhain's Hall of Trials - ダナウィンの挑堂 that lies west of here. If you wish to prove that you are worthy of being trusted, then you will have no qualms nor difficulty completing the ordeal in the Hall of Trials.

The quest objective will update: go to Dunhain's Hall of Trials to take up and face the trial. Leave the house and head west to the entrance of the hall at X 208, Y 341.


Enter and make your way to the large chamber at the end.


You will find a Level 69 Trial Beast Spineback - 試練の魔物スパインバック, as well as several Level 69 Trial Beast Stymphalídes - 試練の魔物スチュパリデス. The quest objective will update: defeat the creatures.


Once you have defeated them, return to Dana and report to Pisarr of your success. Pisarr says that now there is no more suspicion, he apologises for their rudeness. Their spirits are tired, and they have become too cold and hardened. He tells you that they worshipped their Dragon and cared for the Central Tree, but one day the Tree was inflicted with some kind of sickness. Then Cecily disappeared, while the Dragon lost its mind. At the same time, the corrupted Dragon Force from Tree affected their Spirit Dragon, Willmia, as well as the land, turning many into infected creatures. He apologises to you again and says that he is glad that you returned. He tells Cecily that currently her father is working on healing the Tree; Gearóid - ガラダ must surely be relieved she has returned.6

After the conversation ends, you will have to talk to Cecily. She will tell you that she does not know where is her father and wants to go look for him. She wants to remain behind and ask the locals so she can begin her search. She tells you that she will be fine here.

The quest objective will update: report back to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. Warp back to the Temple and do so.

Joseph will begin to comment on the stubborn tribesmen, then checks himself before wondering if this place here would seem so strange to the people there in Phindym. At any rate, it is good that you have managed to establish relations with a settlement there. He thanks you for your report and mentions that though he would like to hear more of your travels, it is best you return to Phindym to assist the locals.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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