MQ: The Storm That Brought A Tragedy

Basic Information

Quest Name The Storm That Brought A Tragedy
Quest Name (JP) 嵐が運びし厄災
Recommended Level Level 55
Quest Conditions - Level 55
- No Arisen party members (pawns allowed)
Quest Rewards
- 98,000 XP
- 12,000 G
- 1,000 R

Request Text

Inspect the carcass of the dead beast washed up on Breya Coast. - Joseph

Quest Objectives

  1. Talk to Joseph
  2. Talk to Gurdolin
  3. Go to Breya Coast
  4. Talk to Gurdolin
  5. Investigate the vicinity
  6. Defeat the encountered enemy
  7. Talk to Joseph

Quest Flow

This is the first Main Quest of Season 2.


To begin this quest, talk to Joseph in the Audience Chamber. Upon accepting the quest, a cutscene will play.


The cutscene will show a storm over Lestania.

The storm began with strong winds bringing rough waves to the coast. It was followed by dark clouds in the horizon that brought darkness as black as night. The clouds covered Lestania and pelted the earth with heavy rain. Even the White Dragon had no recollection of a storm so fierce. The people were frightened, and they trembled and prayed.


Perhaps it was because of their prayers that the White Dragon summoned all the Arisen to the Temple, and the priest gave orders.


Joseph will ask that everyone to go to their respective areas as they have been assigned. Their objective is to assess the current situation, but saving lives should take precedence.


The White Dragon will address all of its envoys gathered in Temple, telling them to carry on the protection of the White Dragon to the frightened people of Lestania.

The cutscene will end. The first quest objective will appear: speak to Joseph again. He will ask you and Gurdolin to go to Breya Coast and have a closer look at the remains of a huge creature washed up on the shores there. There has been word that the dead creature is something no one has ever seen before. None of the senior Knights and veteran Arisen recognise the creature, and they are greatly puzzled over it. Therefore, as you have a great deal of experience in battling demons and beasts, Joseph would like you to do a detailed study of the creature. If it does turn out to be something unknown, then a full research expedition would be set up.

The quest objective will update: talk to Gurdolin. He will say that he has to follow whatever Joseph says once in a while before he tells you meet to him at Breya Coast.

Now head to Breya Coast.


You will see Gurdolin, Fabio and Gerd standing near a huge carcass at the beach, just north of Rotes at X 107, Y 283. Activate the event marker nearby for a cutscene.


Gurdolin and you will be inspecting the strange carcass when Gurdolin spots something that catches his attention. He moves the flotsam to reveal a young woman lying unconscious. Gurdolin notes that she is still breathing, then entrusts you to take care of her.


Suddenly the woman stirs before she floats in the air, glowing, surprising both of you. Gurdolin remarks that he can never predict young women. The light from the woman grows brighter until it blinds you both.


Both of you are teleported elsewhere, and you awaken to find yourself in a strange place with creatures you do not recognise.


Season 2 begins here, on this strange island.


Once the cutscene ends, the quest objective will update: talk to Gurdolin. He will mention that he recalled a bright blinding light at the beach, then everything turned white and both of you somehow ended up here. He wonders where 'here' is before he tells you that he somehow hurt his back and now has problems moving. He tells you to scout around and try to find a way back home. He is also concerned about the strange light in the sky, and leaves the rest up to you.


You will obtain a new quest objective: investigate your surroundings. Note that while there is mini Portcrystal nearby, you cannot activate it yet at this moment. Head to the quest marker indicated on your mini-map and you will soon reach a clearing at X 43, Y 94. Activate the event marker in the middle of the clearing for a brief cutscene.


Some strange creatures will approach. They look like Goblins, but have strange green growths and tendrils on them. When the cutscene ends, the quest objective will be updated: defeat them. They are Level 55 'Unidentified Demons?' - 未知の魔物? Once you have defeated the creatures, there will be another cutscene.


A black mist will appear and from within it, a figure in black armour emerges, demanding for someone called 'Cecily'. He will throw you backwards with a hand gesture. He will ask you once again, 'where is Cecily?' Gurdolin runs to your aid and yells that that you do not know.


The strange knight will vanish and reappear behind Gurdolin, then lifts him in a choke-hold. He tells you to run as he struggles. Suddenly a light will appear, and both of you are teleported away from harm, and there is a glimpse of the White Dragon.


The black-armoured figure announces at your departure that he will come for his land, Lestania, and you should not forget it.


Gurdolin and you are warped back to the Audience Chamber. The White Dragon remarks on the knight in the black armour on the lone island, and that he is a darkness that will bring ruin to Lestania. The dragon commands you, the Arisen, to discover the true visage hidden beneath the helm. The dragon then says that it has used much of its power to save you and now must rest.

Joseph notes that you are the most suitable candidate to carry out the White Dragon's special mission. However, you would require some assistance. He then calls for Elliot. A young man - Elliot - and a girl - Lise - will enter the chamber. Joseph will introduce Elliot as an Arisen who has been assisting him, and now would be a good opportunity for him to be in the field.


The girl is Lise, whom you likely have met - apparently she wishes to begin the life of an Arisen once more. Lise introduces herself, and promises that she will start anew, as if reborn.

Elliot remarks that the Arisen do not die easily before he introduces himself with a salute. He has been under Joseph's tutelage all this while.

Joseph adds that other than these two, he will have Gurdolin placed under your command. Lise and Elliot are doubtful about Gurdolin, but Joseph states that his experience is needed. Anyway, what they need right now is to find a worthy Arisen to succeed Leo, and you have been entrusted with this.

Elliot remarks that apparently Leo did not answer the summons to return as expected. Joseph replies that it must be assumed that if Leo did not show up, then he has no interest to be part of them any longer. Therefore, Joseph is counting on you now. You now have command of your own squad, so feel free to assign their duties.

'It is the year 323 in the history of Lestania. The curtain has been raised for the battle, 'Great Disaster of Corruption'; a tale of Arisen who are at the mercy of time and dragons.'

The cutscene will end: now talk to Joseph.

Joseph will ask about the island where you and Gurdolin had been warped to, wondering where is its location. The dead beast washed up on Breya Coast must have come from there; more importantly, it is not alone.

Talk to Lise beforehand and she will say that she is somewhat nervous during an audience, but she is determined to turn up as much as possible from now on. Elliot will say the team should work to be the best Arisen squad. There is also the matter of the mysterious Black Knight you encountered, and Joseph doubts that this would turn out to be a simple demon extermination exercise. As much as he is reluctant to admit it, a new crisis has come to Lestania.

The quest will now be marked as completed.

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